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Why work with Silverback Automotive and not directly through a dealership?

We are a professional Auto Brokering firm licensed by the State of California. Our specialists are here to provide you with a stress-free and hassle-free car buying experience; saving you thousands off MSRP and leaving you with time to spend doing what you love to do. Buying or leasing a new vehicle can be a long and tedious process. Utilizing our service allows you to find the lowest price on your vehicle of choice, regardless of make & model. This means we do all the negotiating and shopping for you; virtually saving you time, money, and the hassle associated with finding the best deal. No matter what type of car you’re looking for, we will handle the entire transaction for you.

Is there a fee for your services?

As you know, our specialists put in a lot of work and effort to find and negotiate the price and terms of your new vehicle. In addition, we handle all the applications, paperwork, processing, and delivery. We do collect a $125 service fee which covers all aspects of our services; including price negotiation, processing and local delivery of your new car to your home or office. The service fee is due prior to the scheduled delivery of your new vehicle and when all pricing and terms have been finalized.

In some cases, we collect the service fee upfront. We will always notify you prior to this.

Where will the vehicle come from?

All vehicles sold and leased by Silverback Automotive are from factory authorized new car dealerships within the state of California. As your auto broker, Silverback Automotive simply facilitates the process for you, obtains the best price available, and if you’re locally within LA county, we’ll deliver the vehicle to you or you may come into our office for 10 minutes of paperwork and finally take possession of your new car.  All new vehicles sold or leased come complete with the full manufacturer new car warranty. All incentives and/or rebates still apply where applicable.

Can you find the specific model, color, and options I want at the right price?

We have access to multiple dealer inventories throughout Southern California. Dealerships are constantly competing to retain our flow of business, therefore providing us with the lowest price guaranteed. This allows us the advantage of finding that specific brand and model with the desired color and options of choice.

Can you assist with exotics and hard-to-find models?

Unlike other auto brokerages, Silverback Automotive is a global operation. We begin our search on a local and state-wide level. If we cannot find the appropriate model, we utilize our resources and expand our search nationally and then internationally. Being in the industry for so many years, we’ve established various resources and contacts to assist us in finding that specific high-line exotic and rare vehicle.  We do charge a higher service fee for these particular cars. Your specialist will go over all the details.

Am I buying or leasing the vehicle from Silverback Automotive Directly?

No, you are actually leasing or buying your vehicle directly through a factory authorized car dealerships. All checks are made out to the selling dealership. All contracts are created and submitted to the lending bank and DMV by the selling dealership. We simply facilitate the transaction for you and obtain you the best price available. Our service does not affect any dealer obligations or factory warranties. You will be able to service your new vehicle at any local dealer service department.

Do we take trade-ins? How can we get the most money for your trade?

Silverback Automotive is also a wholesale dealership; therefore, we can purchase your vehicle directly from you. In addition, we can also negotiate a competitive trade-in value with one of our dealership associates and use it towards your new purchase or lease.

What other services do you offer?

We’ve strived to build Silverback Automotive as a top brokerage for new vehicle purchases and lease. Over the years, many of our customers have asked us for additional services that we use to contract out. As we continued to grow and expand, we have become able to provide these services to all our customers in-house.  Our additional services include:
1- Automotive Insurance Service – We’ll work with major carriers to find you the most competitive rates for individual and family policies.

2- Trade-In/Purchase Services – If you are only looking to sell your vehicle, we buy all makes and models. We will evaluate your vehicle and offer you the best possible price regardless whether or not you lease or purchase a new vehicle through us.

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