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Purchasing a car is the second most important decision most people are likely to make in their life, the first is probably purchasing a new home according to a study. Therefore, the process of purchasing a new car can often be highly stressful and demeaning rather than exciting, this is why more and more people are turning to car brokers to help them secure this cardinal decision if you reside in Los Angeles it is important that you opt for only The best Autobroker in Los Angeles and that means none other than Silverback Automotive.

Choosing the best Auto broker in Los Angeles is important as this is the company you are delegating the responsibility to purchase your car,  therefore you must ensure that they are experienced and skilled enough to obtain the best deal in the market at competitive prices and a flexible term of contract. You must ensure that the company holds years of experience as a car broker and works towards ensuring that they have satisfied clients rather than money in their pockets, as most companies are more money motivated rather than customer dedicated. Learn more about us.

What does a car broker do?

Before we go into details of why you need a car broker it is important to understand a simple question, what is a car broker? A car broker service engages their database of car dealers and aims to find the best vehicle for you at the most reasonable price.

An auto broker job description includes negotiating a price of the car on your behalf and trying to get the best lease deal possible on a number of vehicles, they aim to get a better deal than the other auto brokers that may act as competitors because they are aware that the broker that provides the best terms of contract wins the deal, if the broker is good at what they do they even get you a vehicle at a fleet price.

The car broker will act as a middleman or a negotiator between you and the car dealers and aim to ensure that they get you a deal that is better than what is being offered in the market. A good car broker will not just focus on the price of the vehicle but they will attempt to secure an entire package, like persuade the car dealer to provide free car mats or discount on the insurance of the vehicle. Whilst making the decision make sure you carefully consider the terms of the contract and what you are being offered.

At Silverback Automotive we strive to provide you the best deal when it comes to car purchasing this why we are considered the best auto broker in Los Angeles.

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Will an auto broker cost me a fortune?

The purpose of an auto broker is to negotiate the price of the vehicle you want to purchase on your behalf, the service they offer is legitimate, considering they provide such a vital service, you are probably wondering how much do car brokers charge?

Their fee usually ranges between $200-$500 per car.

Purchasing a car through a car broker will always save you money despite having to pay their fees.

Car brokers often have a working relationship with car dealers because they tend to purchase cars in bulk and often get a fleet price for a vehicle, this is why they are able to offer you a car at cheaper rates than the market price. If you have more questions just visit our FAQ page.

Shouldn’t I purchase directly from the car dealer?

The advantages of a car buying concierge are that they will work as an advocate on your behalf with the aim of saving you money on your vehicle purchase, although you will have to pay their fee, its is still nominal compared to the amount of money they can help you save, they will act as a mediator and will research your needs, try to find a vehicle that fits your requirements perfectly in terms of budget and features.

Car dealers will often charge you more as compared to auto brokers, in fact car salesmen will even keep a commission from the purchase, remember the higher the price they sell to you the more commission they get, whereas with car brokers as they buy in large quantities they already have a set price with them which is often lower than the market.

Other than that buying a car is no walk in the park, you need to visit showrooms and try to escape the luring sales pitch of car sales means, hiring a car broker can save you ample time and also ensure that your decision is in the hands of an expert.

Silverback automotive has years of experience in the car purchasing field as a professional car broker, we deal in used and new cars, whether you wish to make a brand new purchase or buy a used car we can provide you a fair deal. We allow you to set the terms and its our duty to make those terms a part of the contract, we make sure that you get the vehicle you desire at the price you please.

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How shall I choose the auto broker?

Once you have made up your mind that you will be opting for the services of an auto broker, you then need to decide which auto broker will work best for you. In order to make this decision you need to take the following factors into consideration, the first question you must ask yourself is: who is the best auto broker near me? Considering Silverback automotive is based in Los Angeles, the first factor you must consider is that you should opt for the best Auto broker in Los Angeles.  Silverback auto holds a Californian auto broker license you must also ensure that the auto broker you decide to deal with has a license and is operating legitimately. If you need more information about us just contact us.

You must then decide whether you wish to opt for an online auto broker or the best car broker near you? If you decide to opt for an online broker make sure that this is in your area so it is easier to get the car shipped to you, otherwise shipping a vehicle can cost heaps of money, online auto brokers also means that you have many reviews in Yelp, reviews in Google  and feedbacks to base your decision on, so make a little research before you decide who the best auto broker in the area is, the best auto broker in Los Angeles is Silverback automotive because we have years of experience.

Silverback automotive consist of a team of highly skills, professional car enthusiasts dedicated to ensuring that their client is provided the best deal.

• Either way you should make sure that the car broker is licensed, if they do not hold a license to undertake the task they may be acting unlawfully and could potentially impose a threat to the client or in other words they may act fraudently eg. Sell you a car that is available at a lower price in the market, they may aide you to purchase a vehicle that is stolen, this is why you must ensure that the company you decide to deal with is registered and licensed.

• Secondly, you must look into the authority auto reviews, see how other peoples experience has been with the car broker, did they manage to fulfil their promises, did they offer exceptional customer service? What mediums do they use to find car deals?Ask customers for their feedback, see their ratings, compare their website to other car brokers in the area. This will give you a clear direction of whether the car broker you have opted for is worth it or not.

• Lastly, you must compare the broker charges to other brokers in the area and see who is offering a better deal, do not just look at the price factor, consider the whole deal some brokers may try to fool you by offering you a low price, but a high fees, so you must thoroughly read the terms of the contract and see what they have in store for you.
Some brokers may offer you a competitive price along with other services, such as; low price insurance, free car servicing etc. you must make sure you understand what is being offered.

Can car brokers help me get a car lease?

If you wish to use the vehicle over a period of time or if you run a company that needs a number of cars on a day to day and basis and you change your car pretty often, instead of making an outright purchase you should consider a lease offers. When you lease a car you can return it after the primary term, this is especially good with new cars. You can drive a new Jeep or Chevy Volt for a few years and then return it and get another one, this saves you money. Silverback Automotive can help you find the best lease deals and ensure you can get the vehicle you desire for personal use or for commercial purposes. Whether you require a lease or a brand new vehicle purchase, we can help. We are the best auto brokers in Los Angeles, dedicated to providing our clients with friendly customer service. Just send you credit application and start the process.

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